Pet Walker Plus
The no tangle leash for 2 dogs

Are you tired of tangled leashes? Try the Pet Walker Plus advantes over other

Patented between leads allow each dog indivdiualism and seperate mobility
needed to perform natural duties.  Ranges between leads allow each dog indivdualism
and separate mob ility needed to perform natural duties.
Separate leads allow
pet owneers to control and correct each dog when needed. Leads have snaps
at both ends allowing pet owners the option to walk one or two together.

Large leashes re designed with a safety release allowing the owners to control the

release if desired. Dogs stay connected together at the ring.  This leash can be used
on different sized dogs. Both large and small together.

Introducing man’s new best friend.  Why struggle with several leashes? The No-Tangle
Leash offers pet owners
ease and control when walking two dogs. Its patended
anti-twist, anti-tangle
design provides for multiple pet walking. The leash never
tangles no matter
how many times your dogs walk over and under each other. One
dog can’t
drag the other dog like a coupler or brace. Available in Blue, Green, Red,

Black, Purple and Hot Pink. Large size includes built-in panic snap.

XXX101D No-Tangle 2 Dog Leash Small 59"L X 1⁄2" Thick $24.99

XXX102D No-Tangle 2 Dog Leash Medium 59"L X 3⁄4" Thick $29.99

XXX103D No-Tangle 2 Dog Leash Large 59"L X 1" Thick $34.99